Let’s Play: The Last Door Episode 3

Sorry for the delay on this video guys! This past week was busier than normal. 🙂

This time I am playing episode 3 of The Last Door!

This episode was a wee bit frustrating. You end up trapped in a city that even the main character calls a labyrinth, and sometimes there is no clear direction on what you are supposed to do next. Then you wander around the beach in a dense fog and have to listen very carefully to match up sounds to a riddle/poem you found earlier. Because I mean hey, I do that all the time…makes complete sense. 😉

Apologies for the pervert stalker type heavy breathing at the very beginning of this episode! You can thank the developers for that one. It just about made me deaf and was frankly obnoxious so I had to temporarily turn me sound WAY down.

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