Let’s Play: The Last Door Episode 1

I actually made some new videos!! Yes people, I am still alive and well. 😉

My intial reaction to The Last Door – overall, I like it. I am a huge animal lover and so I did have a big problem with having to carry around a dying crow making pathetic noises, then feed it to an abandoned cat that later turned out to have no eyes. That absolutely upset me and I think was completely unnecessary. However, beyond that, I do like the creepy atmosphere, the clever dialogue, and the old school adventure feel. It’s a classic point and click adventure that is loot based and for the most part the puzzles make complete, logical sense. I think I had to look something up two times, one because the solution was something I never would have thought of and one because I needed to put the poor crow out of its misery since the noises it was making were killing me.

Anyway, ENJOY!

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