How do you deal with Twitch rejection?

“You’re cute and a girl, you would be so popular on Twitch.”
“A female gamer? You wouldn’t have to hardly even try.”
“Oh man, I wish I was a chick, my videos would get crazy views, I could quit my job.”

Yeah, no. I was told the above by multiple people, all of whom stream, and it’s completely false.

I have been streaming on Twitch for a month now and 9 out of 10 times, I get an average of 1 viewer (hi Mom), and 0 chatters. The few times I do get someone actually engaging with me, it is literally just the one person.

Then I look at the most popular channels and it’s all belching, unwashed 20-something year old dudes who don’t say a single word and just sit there in silence while their chat goes insane. They have 20,000 active viewers. Am I in the Twilight Zone? Is this what young men truly like to watch, their “bros”?

It’s the same on YouTube, too. No one watches my videos. I would get more views spray painting graffiti on a bridge.

And before you try telling me I’m “not playing a popular enough game,” there are tons of Fallout 4 streams, and a ton that have more than 0 or 1 viewers. Shoot, as of this writing there are over 8,000 people watching Witcher III streams and that game was released the EXACT SAME YEAR as Fallout 4, to similar acclaim and replayability. So I simply do not buy that the only way to get more than 1 viewer is by playing animated Japanese style baby games or first person shooters.

Putting my pity party aside, am I completely missing something? Is rejection just a part of streaming? Because right now, I’m tempted to just stop completely and go back to gaming 100% as a hobby and tell the world to essentially bite me. Shoot, at least I wouldn’t have to worry about what my hair and makeup looks like then.

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