I’m Brittany, AKA PCGamerGal. I have loved computer games since I was about 3 years old (I remember sitting on my grandfather’s lap playing a LucasArts game at that time), and now into my 20s I still cannot get enough of them!

I am a web developer, so I figured why not combine my two passions of websites and gaming – and here we are!

I have 2 cats who are lovable little psychos, I love sushi and Mexican food, and I am hopelessly addicted to caffeine (Sour Apple Rockstar is my preferred form). I used to work for a very large gaming company based out of California, but I now happily work for myself.

I currently game off of an Alienware 17.3″ laptop, it is a freaking heavy SOB but so far it can take anything I throw at it.

I’m also a Trekkie, a Harry Potter fan, and just a geek in general.

I hope you enjoy my blog articles and ridiculous, sarcastic ramblings on my video playthroughs. Gaming isn’t just a hobby for me, it’s more like a vice…I just can’t help myself! :)